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Accessing Open Sky Zion

Open Sky Zion is off the beaten track and requires some additional consideration to take advantage of everything that the Greater Zion Area has to offer.

Getting To Open Sky Zion

The easiest way to access Open Sky Zion is by airplane and then by automobile. 


Travelers to Southern Utah often will fly into Las Vegas or St. George directly. Las Vegas is a hub for international travel and often offers amazing deals on flights. St. George has a fantastic little airport which has connecting flights from Denver International Airport, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Las Angeles.

  • St. George Regional Airport - a 45-minute drive to Open Sky Zion
  • Las Vegas International Airport - a 3-hour drive to Open Sky Zion


There are shuttles from Las Vegas to St. George through a company called St. George Shuttle. They run frequently. 

Rental Cars:

We recommend that you have your own vehicle to access Open Sky Zion as we don’t offer any airport transportation options. In addition, we recommend that you get a 4WD vehicle with some clearance to take advantage of everything that the Greater Zion Area has to offer as many of our precious gems are off the beaten track. In addition, you will have extra room for your gear to play outdoors. 

A 2WD vehicle is acceptable for driving to Open Sky Zion as we maintain the dirt road to our property regularly.

You can get rental vehicles in St. George or in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has a variety of rental car providers and extensive inventory. St. George has an Enterprise Rental Car and a Budget Rental Car. 

Additional Questions

Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns regarding your travel plans and we can help you find a solution.