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Common Questions About Your Stay

Open Sky has been designed to provide solitude, privacy, and space for our guests. As a result, social distancing is built into your experience by default. Because we care about your safety, we also have incorporated additional procedures to ensure your exposure to the COVID-19 virus is minimized. You can read more about our efforts here.

Our climate requires special needs, especially with so many adventures for you to experience. Please read our article dedicated to what we provide for you and what we recommend you bring with you to optimize your experience.

Though there isn’t a restaurant or dining hall on the property, Open Sky Zion offers a few options for you to enjoy food in your camp. Every camp comes equipped with a grill, personal fire pit, and refrigerator for food preparation during your stay. Also, we deliver delicious meals from Balcony One, a restaurant located near the property, upon request. You’ll find a menu for Balcony One in your camp for your reference.

There are also several restaurants in Springdale and Virgin available to you that are but a short drive away from your camp. We will provide you with a list of our favorite restaurants in your camp for your convenience.

No, unfortunately not. Though we love animals, our top priority is to preserve an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for our guests so that they can immerse themselves into the surrounding nature of Open Sky. For those who have a pet with them, we recommend that you board your pup at the Doggy Dude Ranch located in Rockville, UT which is just down the road from Open Sky. You should also know that dogs are not allowed on the trails inside of Zion National Park.

Yes, without exception. Your comfort is essential in having an extraordinary experience.

The main entrance to Zion is 15 miles from Open Sky. Our property is unique in that it remotely borders the far West side of the park with stunning views included. Technically, you can enter Zion National Park by hiking from our property, but to enter the park through the main entrance, you will need to drive into Springdale first.

We recommend that you fly into either Las Vegas International Airport or St. George Regional Airport and then rent a vehicle to get to Open Sky Zion. Please see our Travel Plans page for more information.

You will be required to place a 50% deposit at the time of placing your reservation and the additional 50% when you check-in. We have early check-in and late check-out options available upon request, but only if it is available for the camp you have reserved.

Our office is open from 7 am to 7 pm daily. If you will be arriving later than 7 pm, please call our office so that we can make arrangements for you to access your camp.

Our Desert Rose and Star Seeker tents have a framed in entry and a locking door, the Cedar Springs tent is 100% canvas and does not. Even if your tent locks, we urge you to keep any valuable items either in your vehicle or in the in-room safe located under the bed as the walls are canvas. Though it is highly unlikely that theft would be an issue at Open Sky Zion, there is always a possibility of theft.

We offer a full refund if you cancel your trip 2-weeks or more prior to your reservation date. Cancellations after 2-weeks from your reservation date will not be refunded, however, if you are wanting to reschedule your reservation to a future date and apply your money to that date, we will work with you. Especially in the days of COVID-19, we try to be flexible to last-minute cancellations. If you are feeling ill, please see our COVID-19 policies and call us right away to reschedule your reservations.

Cell phone coverage is spotty at the property. To accommodate your connectivity, we have added WeBoost services and Starlink internet services to the on-site reception office that amplifies data and cellular signals. We have found that Verizon tends to have the best coverage at Open Sky Zion. We welcome you to use these services during your stay.